Sunday, 13 December 2009

Busy times...

Last blog post was on Wednesday and since then, I've been very busy.
Started Christmas shopping on Friday and I managed to get everything done in one day.
I must admit I'm pretty pleased with myself.

I did buy something I promised myself I wouldn't buy, but when I found one thing it kinda led to another.

Yeh, I bought a shitload of makeup.
But I've always wanted a case with different eyeshadows.

I did get some good news this week, by the way.
My bestfriend, Ann-Cathrin, is pregnant :D
I am wicked excited and I know that she's going to be an awesome mom.
She's one of those ''tiny'' girls who always wears high heels and now she's starting to notice that her feet are very swollen.
So before we started our shopping on Friday, she had to take a shoebreak.

She's gonna hate me for posting this picture, but whatever :p
She knows I love her! <3

I didn't really do a lot on Saturday.
Had a lazy day and just relaxed with a movie and almost a whole bottle of wine.
Apparently, Anna loves Ice Age just as much as I do.

Didn't even think that was possible, but she was watching the entire movie.
I swear I could hear her laugh.

What's been going on today?
Well, I've been spending most of my day with Ann-Cathrin and we've been driving around for about 5 hours.
I'm so dizzy now that I think I'm gonna have a 12 hour nap very soon.

I hope you all had a great weekend :)
See ya'll laters!


- Melissa

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