Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Have you ever had one of those days where you feel a bit off?
Like you're depressed, but you're not?
I'm in a very weird mood and I guess it's because I'm starving and broke.
Payday is tomorrow so I'm gonna buy myself a pizza or something like that for dinner.
Not only do I deserve it because I've been broke for a week, but I got a call from my boss this morning and she asked me if I wanted to work fulltime starting from tomorrow.
Not only does that mean that I'm going to make more, but I'm also going to be working alone again.
Not that I really mind, but it's nice to have someone to talk to during breakfast and lunch hour.
I say breakfast because I start working at 6:30 am.
So I usually eat around 9 or so.

I have a long day ahead of me with work and then I'm off to town to the library.
Yeah.. The library..
I have to see if they have any Anne Rice books..
I'm currently reading Interview With The Vampire and there's three books in that series.
It's called The Vampire Chronicles, if I'm not completely wrong.
Pretty good so far, but maybe a bit too boring for me to really get in to the story.
That's just me, though.

I think I have some pasta in the kitchen.
That's better than nothing, I suppose.

Crossing my fingers and hope I don't burn the place down ;p


- Melissa

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