Friday, 6 May 2011

Taking Control

I am switching between periods where I eat literally all the time and where I barely eat anything.
 So I have decided to start a food journal that I will keep with me in my purse and write down everything I eat and when.
I'm probably going to drive myself crazy, but my moods have been like a rollercoaster these past few months and I know that my eating habits have something to do with it.
Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up with it, because usually when I decide to do things like this, it falls through.
Because I get lazy and always forget important stuff.
The memory of a goldfish.
Or so I have been told.

Look at the pretty design on this notebook.
I bought it at Kremmerhuset for like 50 kroners :)
I'll always keep it in my purse and write down random stuff.
Maybe I can finally get organized and finish my novel.

I am dying to continue writing, but I don't feel inspired to sit down and actually write anything.
it's kind of frustrating when I have all these ideas in my head and I've even written down things on dozens of post-it notes.
I need to pull it together and finish what I started 6 years ago.

Til helga, kanskje?
(Det burde vi)

Inside joke...
Between everyone in Norway.. >_<

Allrighty guys..
I'm off to bed..
Have an awesome friday night :)


- Melissa

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