Saturday, 14 May 2011

Saturday = Love

I absolutely love saturdays.
The feeling I get when I wake up on a saturday morning is amazing.
I usually wake up with this:
Anna <3

But this morning when I tried to cuddle and take a picture with her, I got this:
Nice ass shot!
Guess she had a bad hairday or something.

But as you know (if you watch my vlogs) I've been working fulltime now, and even though I have plenty of work to do, I still manage to goof around and do random shit like buliding a tower of empty paperboxes in the storageroom.
I'm such a kid, I know.
The sad part is that the bloody janitors had removed it when I came to work the next morning.
Guess I'm not allowed to have fun.

But it's getting late and I better wrap everything up and head to bed.
Have a good night wherever you are :)


- Melissa

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