Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Dirty DJ

Work went smoothly today...
Well until I was about to wrap up the day...
The guy I work with decided to check the DJ booth before we left and we found everything from half a pizza slice to chewinggum.
See for yourself:

Absolutely disgusting.
I just couldn't leave before we cleaned this up.
I do start to wonder how it got this bad?
I mean, did no one throw away their trash when they left for the night?

Even though this mess gave me a major headahce, it did feel nice to get rid of it.
The lighting in the DJ booth was horrible, so we had to use the flash on my iphone.
Everything on that picture was pretty much under the chairs.

Oh well..
At least I left work feeling better :)

But the biggest decision I have to make this week is if I should cut off all of the orange/brown colour I have in my hair, which is pretty much 60-65% of it.
I honestly can't stand the colour anymore and I really need a change.
I have been looking up short haircuts on google and I've found several possible styles that I could go for.
I guess I have to sleep on it and see how I feel when I wake up tomorrow.
I'll probably feel the same when I have to deal with my hair again.

Speaking of tomorrow:
I have to head to bed if I want to get enough hours on the eye.
Nighty night :)


- Melissa

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