Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Are you serious?

Before I start ranting about the only thing that pissed me off today, I must say that it's been a pretty good day and that's actually rare since shopping and other fun stuff like that wasn't involved.
I did oversleep this morning, but I came to work on time.

But here's the thing that just made me completely lose it before 7 am:
In the girls lockerroom some bitch decided to put foundation (which was probably way too dark for her skintone anyways) all around the bloody mirror.
Who had to scrub that shit off?
If it hadn't been for me being in a good mood, I would of broken that mirror.

I mean, honestly, they do that knowingly that it will piss someone else off.
Kids these days are mental.

It's not that it was that hard to remove, but it's completely unnecessary and timeconsuming.

But all in all, I've had a good day.
Watched some old school Diggnation on youtube, played farmville and catched up on gossip and emails.
I'm off to bed hoping my new laptop will arrive tomorrow.
By the looks of it, it's 99% certain that it will.

Goonight everyone xx

- Melissa

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