Monday, 21 March 2011

I heart you!

Look at what I found at work today:
Probably wasnt meant for anyone special, but I just thought it was very cute :)

Speaking of work:
I had to force myself to get up this morning.
My left shoulder has been all tense since saturday morning.
Hurts so bad and having a cleaningjob doesn't really help the situation.
I told my boss that my shoulder is acting up and I could tell that she got pissed, but that's only because we're VERY low on staff these days and they need people in order to make everything go around.
I guess I just have to take it easy at work these next couple of days.

I'm waiting for two packages this week.
One contains my new computer and the other one is... Uhm... Makeup... Duh!
Not even going to try to make an excuse for that.

But I better turn off what's left of my barely working Acer and make myself some food.
Happy monday people :)


- Melissa

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