Saturday, 12 March 2011

Viva La Diva Review

I've wanted to try a lot of products from this brand since I first saw that they sell it in town.
Viva La Diva is a swedish makeup brand and they keep their products at a low price range.
Here in Norway, VLD is sold at Cubus.
I bought one mascara, a lipstick, a single eyeshadow and an eyeshadow pallett:

#2 Golden Eyes.

Domed Eyeshadow #370 Sand Beige.

Lipstick in #55 Nude Pink.
Comes off a bit strong in the picture, but its really lovely.

And lastly, the black mascara.
I absolutely adore the packaging on the lipstick and the mascara.
The eyeshadows look a bit cheap, though.

- Low price range
- The colour payoff isgreat
- Lot of product for the price
- Viva La Diva does not test on animals

- Cheap packaging
- Limited colour selections

Hope this helps guys!


- Melissa


  1. Heihei! I found VLD by chance while shopping in town today. I got a lipstick; it's called Shame on You and also can't help but to pick up a few nail colours. Was so tempted to buy the large eye shadow palette but wanted to come home to check out their reviews first. How did the pigments fare? By the way, I am so happy to find a Norwegian who blogs in English!

  2. I just wrote a review on these, haha!

    I have the lipsticks in the colours Vampire Red, Really Pink, Hot Tulip, Cream Coral and Hard Rock Sweetie :) They're really nice!
    I also have the golden eyes palette and some nailpolishes! as well as three of the domed eyeshadows!