Saturday, 5 March 2011

Can't stop this hunger

Not THAT kind of hunger, you perv! xD
I'm always eating these days.
I started my day off eating something slightly unhealthy:
After like three bowls of this, I started to feel a bit sick.
No wonder because that's some crazy icecream shit.
So yummy, though! <3
Oddly enough I was still hungry, but I had to take at least a few hours off from eating.
I could feel that I was gaining weight and even though I'm comfortable with myself, I really don't wanna gain more weight.

I sat down with my Nintendo DS and played my new game for a little while before I decided to fix me a little snack.
Here's what I came up with:
More healthy than icecream, though.
I do try to eat more healthy and replace chocolate and such with tomatoes, carrots and fruits.
Not always easy when you have a sweet tooth ^_^

I'm off to mum's tonight for dinner and hopefully she'll have some vegetables with whatever it is she have decided to make for dinner.
I've always loved vegetables and potatoes as a kid and I know how weird that sounds.
The typical stereotype kid hates that ''healthy shit'', but guess I was a bit odd in that sense.

But I think I have to do a few things around here before I head off..
Have an awesome saturday everyone <3


- Melissa

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