Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I'm excited!

Weeeell maybe not!
I was sitting at work waiting for the pain in my shoulder to pass so I could continue working.

I am starting to wonder what was going through my head at the time.
Probably something like '' Bitch I'm gonna get real cranky if I ain't gettin mah KFC today!'' or most likely ''I wanna be in bed with a huge bottle of cola and some snacks with a romantic movie rolling on the tvscreen.''

I have been feeling under the weather lately and I think that's the reason why I havent made any vlogs.
I have made a few these past few weeks, but I haven't really been feeling it.
Guess it's normal to be a bit out of it sometimes.

Waiting like crazy for my new computer, so editing and skyping and all that jazz will hopefully be a joy from around friday.
That's when the computer is said to be delivered.
*happy dance*

But I'm off to make some dinner now.
Have a good tuesday afternoon people :)


- Melissa

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