Monday, 28 March 2011

Wacky monday!

After over a week with constant pains in my left shoulder, I woke up this morning and it felt so much better.
But I thought that it doesn't matter, because in a few hours I'm back at work and the pain will come back.
But apparently my boss made a call to one of the other subs and made him help me out until Kirsten is back at work with me on the 19th of april.
It will be a couple of interesting weeks, because he barely speaks Norwegian and my Arabic is a bit rusty.
So glad he speaks enough English so we can have a proper conversation.

Even though I had help at work, I was still exhausted when I got back home so I had to take a 4 hour nap.
Now I'm sitting here at 9.30 pm and I feel slightly odd.
And Anna is sending me weird looks on top of everything else.
I don't look THAT horrible, okay?
I'm sporting my sexy, and maybe a few sizes too big, nevermind the bollocks here's the sex pistols tshirt.
I don't like the fact that its bright yellow, but it was too badass to pass on it.
I think I bought it at the Rock N Roll store in London.
I went a bit crazy with tshirts at that store and I am so going back the next time I'm there.

I'm off to make something to eat and I'm gonna watch a few episodes of 'Nana' before I try to get a few more hours of sleep.
And yes... This is my 7th time going through the 'Nana' series.
Don't judge me!


- Melissa

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