Sunday, 20 March 2011

I've given up!

So I've ordered a new laptop now.
Sick and tired of not having one that works properly.
Found a good deal on an Acer emachine.
Hopefully this one will last until I can afford to buy a macbook.
The pricetag on this acer is 3000 kroners and the cheapest macbook is 8500 kroners.
So there's a big difference.

I will start saving for one, but right now I just need a computer that works for blogging, skyping, editing and msn :)
Not to mention gaming on facebook.
I think my farm is falling apart as I'm typing this.
Haven't really been able to play today and I tend get rather loopy if I don't have my daily farmville fix.
I'm an oddball, I know.

I have a few things to do before bedtime so I better jet.
Hope you're excited about the week coming up.


- Melissa

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